You make the call: Which is the best Hattingdon football helmet?

Jojo Hattingdon


At the beginning of the year, Hattingdon wanted a football helmet to wear while watching the Super Bowl.

Instead of doing a football helmet (which I wasn’t sure I could even do, especially at such short notice), I designed a football inspired hat. You remember Jojo, right? She was thrilled, so I was thrilled.

But I hadn’t given up on the helmet idea and have been working on it a bit here and there.

Hattingdon finally decided on a red, white and blue colorway with a star decal.

Suddenly she decides she must have a team name to go with the helmet and picked Hattingdon All Stars.

And what do you think happens next? Marcus and Curtis got the wrong memo. It is a pretend team but they are drafting players and planning to coach them (no doubt playing the West Coast offense).

Help us decide on the right football helmet design.  Love, Hattingdon.

You make the call. Love, Hattingdon.


While we get that all sorted out, we need your help.

We have canvassed Hattingdon’s friends, my friends, a few business associates — and we are split on the final design. So we are asking you. Which one do you like best?

Take our poll or answer in comments. We narrowed it down to three. Here they are:

Hattingdon All Stars Football Helmet Finalists

Hattingdon All Stars Football Helmet Finalists


The design combinations are boundless. The hold up for me was what to do with her mane. What do you think?

While you are thinking, here’s Hattingdon modeling my personal favorite that didn’t make the cut.

Vivian's Favorite Football Helmet Design.

“Belle” Hattingdon Inspired Football Helmet.

Thank you for helping out, and see you again soon.

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