Sweet hats for Spring and Summer

Hattingdon has some lovely hats for Spring and Summer to wear and decorate your life.

April Hattingdon


April Hattingdon

First we take a look at the appropriately named April hat design.

Hattingdon is pretty in pink in this lovely classic hat that is embellished throughout with a flower and polka dot motif that gives it a fresh and lacy look.

Co-ordinating pink nosebobs with a dot in the center completes this fresh Springtime look.

Eden Hattingdon. (c) Vivian Grant Farrell.


Eden Hattingdon

Next up is the lovely Eden design.

Eden Hattingdon wears a stylish classic hat with a bright turquoise dome and olive green brim decorated with a leaf motif.

The hat has a lilac blue hatband and matching lilac blue nosebobs.

This is a great look for Spring and Summer apparel and decorating.



Lois Hattingdon

Now. How about the charming Lois hat design.

Don’t the stripes in those luscious colors of cantaloupe, lime and grape conjure up the good ol’ summertime fun.

This design is from Hattingdon’s “sweetheart hat” collection. The sweetheart hat features a big puffy dome with the tips of Hattingdon’s ears poking out and a large upturned brim.

This hat style is a perennial favorite among Hattingdon fans.

The brim is held in place by a fashionably large button in co-ordinating colors. Purple nosebobs.

Skylar Hattingdon

SKYLAR (4 Colors)

Skylar Hattingdon

And now we come to something rare in Hattindon’s world — a head covering that is not a hat.

Instead Hattingdon wears a scarf atop her lovely head. Meet the Skylar Hattingdon design.

The Skylar design features scarves in four colors: lime green, brightest blue, light pink and rich black. The scarves are patterned in three different sizes of polka dots.

Hattingdon wears these scarves wrapped around her head and tied in place with fluttering ribbons.

Perched on Hattingdon’s forehead are large dark high fashion (dare we say Jackie O) sunglasses trimmed in matching colors except for the black scarf design which features gold-rimmed sunglasses.

Quinn Hattingdon

Quinn Hattingdon


Ahoy there. Just one more.

She is delightful and another one from Hattingdon’s Sweetheart Hat Collection. Quinn Hattingdon.

Anyone who adores the nautical look will so enjoy wearing and displaying the Quinn Hattingdon design.

Hattingdon wears a sweetheart hat with a vibrant navy blue dome and brim. The brim is trimmed in red and held in place by an anchor. Matching red nosebobs.

Thank you.

We hope you enjoyed reviewing these Hattingdon hat designs with us and they make you smile. Hattingdon says after all, that is what a cartoon horse is all about.

Bye for now!