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We are now on Instagram!

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Free up some festive fun with Liberty Hattingdon

I was walking through the shops the other day and noticed the amount of 4th of July merchandise already lined up. Wow.

So I started thinking, if people are beginning to think and perhaps get ready, already, for Independence Day perhaps we would join in.

Liberty Hattingdon


Although Hattingdon has traditional flag inspired hats, the design that kept coming to mind is this one, Liberty Hattingdon.

More a headdress than a hat, it looks a bit like those souvenirs you find around New York doesn’t it?

Well, whatever it is or want to call it, it is darn cute and she has never looked more adorable.

How about some history on the lady who wears the original?


    “The Statue of Liberty was a joint effort between France and the United States, intended to commemorate the lasting friendship between the peoples of the two nations. The French sculptor Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi created the statue itself out of sheets of hammered copper, while Alexandre-Gustave Eiffel, the man behind the famed Eiffel Tower, designed the statue’s steel framework.

    “The Statue of Liberty was then given to the United States and erected atop an American-designed pedestal on a small island in Upper New York Bay, now known as Liberty Island, and dedicated by President Grover Cleveland in 1886.

    “Over the years, the statue stood tall as millions of immigrants arrived in America via nearby Ellis Island; in 1986, it underwent an extensive renovation in honor of the centennial of its dedication. Today, the Statue of Liberty remains an enduring symbol of freedom and democracy, as well as one of the world’s most recognizable landmarks.”

Source: http://www.history.com/topics/statue-of-liberty


If you are in a New York state of mind there’s also Apple Hattingdon, and of course Checkers.

Apple Hattingdon





For something more traditional, like the red, white and blue, how about these stars and stripes inspired looks?





Click the images to shop. Whatever you choose, let Hattingdon help make your day!

April Hattingdon

Sweet hats for Spring and Summer

Hattingdon has some lovely hats for Spring and Summer to wear and decorate your life.

April Hattingdon


April Hattingdon

First we take a look at the appropriately named April hat design.

Hattingdon is pretty in pink in this lovely classic hat that is embellished throughout with a flower and polka dot motif that gives it a fresh and lacy look.

Co-ordinating pink nosebobs with a dot in the center completes this fresh Springtime look.

Eden Hattingdon. (c) Vivian Grant Farrell.


Eden Hattingdon

Next up is the lovely Eden design.

Eden Hattingdon wears a stylish classic hat with a bright turquoise dome and olive green brim decorated with a leaf motif.

The hat has a lilac blue hatband and matching lilac blue nosebobs.

This is a great look for Spring and Summer apparel and decorating.



Lois Hattingdon

Now. How about the charming Lois hat design.

Don’t the stripes in those luscious colors of cantaloupe, lime and grape conjure up the good ol’ summertime fun.

This design is from Hattingdon’s “sweetheart hat” collection. The sweetheart hat features a big puffy dome with the tips of Hattingdon’s ears poking out and a large upturned brim.

This hat style is a perennial favorite among Hattingdon fans.

The brim is held in place by a fashionably large button in co-ordinating colors. Purple nosebobs.

Skylar Hattingdon

SKYLAR (4 Colors)

Skylar Hattingdon

And now we come to something rare in Hattindon’s world — a head covering that is not a hat.

Instead Hattingdon wears a scarf atop her lovely head. Meet the Skylar Hattingdon design.

The Skylar design features scarves in four colors: lime green, brightest blue, light pink and rich black. The scarves are patterned in three different sizes of polka dots.

Hattingdon wears these scarves wrapped around her head and tied in place with fluttering ribbons.

Perched on Hattingdon’s forehead are large dark high fashion (dare we say Jackie O) sunglasses trimmed in matching colors except for the black scarf design which features gold-rimmed sunglasses.

Quinn Hattingdon

Quinn Hattingdon


Ahoy there. Just one more.

She is delightful and another one from Hattingdon’s Sweetheart Hat Collection. Quinn Hattingdon.

Anyone who adores the nautical look will so enjoy wearing and displaying the Quinn Hattingdon design.

Hattingdon wears a sweetheart hat with a vibrant navy blue dome and brim. The brim is trimmed in red and held in place by an anchor. Matching red nosebobs.

Thank you.

We hope you enjoyed reviewing these Hattingdon hat designs with us and they make you smile. Hattingdon says after all, that is what a cartoon horse is all about.

Bye for now!

Lily Hattingdon

Hattingdon looks a picture in her Lily and Jenny Rose hats

Look at Hattingdon, all dolled up in a couple of exquisite picture hats.

Pssst! I think you will agree that the designs are perfect for celebrating a certain famous racing extravaganza in May.

Lily Hattingdon

Lily Hattingdon


First up is Lily.

The Lily hat design features a black round dome, black rimmed brim and a fashionably large bow in lipstick pink.

The bow is embellished with a beautiful and delightfully detailed lily.

Matching pink nosebobs.


Jenny Rose Hattingdon

Jenny Rose Hattingdon

Next we have Jenny Rose.

Jenny Rose is also wearing a gorgeous picture hat. It has a rounded black dome and black rimmed brim.

The dome is embellished with a leafy vine pattern.

But the brim. Ooh la la. Look at those luscious red roses.

Matching red nosebobs.


Here’s how she looks in her picture hats on a tee. But of course there is a lot of cool items including party stuff.


Lily Tshirts
Lily Tshirts by Hattingdon
See more Lily merchandise at zazzle.com



Jenny Rose Tees
Jenny Rose Tees by Hattingdon
See more Jenny Rose merchandise at online at zazzle.com


Thanks for stopping by.


Rosita Hattingdon

Get festive with Rosita Hattingdon

Rosita Hattingdon


Cinca de Mayo (or the fifth of May) is just around the corner.

And Hattingdon is ready with her sombrero-inspired hat design — Rosita!

Cinca de Mayo is celebrated in Mexico and the United States.

The date is observed to commemorate the Mexican army’s unlikely victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862, under the leadership of General Ignacio Zaragoza Seguín.

In the United States, Cinco de Mayo is sometimes mistaken to be Mexico’s Independence Day (the country’s most important national holiday) which is celebrated on September 16.

Of course you can get festive with Rosita any time at all.


Custom Invitation


Custom Greeting Card (Blank inside)


Custom Postage


Custom Candy Jar


Custom Tees



Shop Rosita Hattingdon »
Shop Hattingdon Horses »

Eve Hattingdon Black

Eve Hattingdon Black trends along with a very special apron

Eve Hattingdon Black


Eve Hattingdon Black — who wears a classic hat in basic black — is trending once again.

The classic hat design has a rounded dome with a medium brim.

In Hattingdon’s early years Eve was a perennial favorite.

Eve still has her fans, but it’s always fun to see her emerge again at the top of the popularity list.

Shoppers are gathering her up on all sorts of tee shirt styles, sweatshirts and hoodies, as well as mugs and postage.

Here’s what Eve looks like on a Women’s American Apparel Fine Jersey T-Shirt.

Eve Blk Shirt
Eve Blk Shirt by Hattingdon
Shop for Eve T-Shirts online at Zazzle.com


What may have brought the Eve Hattingdon Black design extra attention is the fact we featured her on Zazzle’s HEART Apron. We are happy for this for many reasons as you will see from the explanation below about this special project.

Eve (Black) HEART Apron
Eve (Black) HEART Apron by Hattingdon
Find other Hattingdon Zazzle HEART Aprons at zazzle.com


Here’s what Zazzle has to say about their HEART Apron.

It’s good to follow your HEART. Zazzle has partnered with LIFE Line in support of their mission to empower Kenyan mothers of special needs children, to be self-sustaining. Each product is handmade in Kenya and product sales directly benefit the Malaika Mums, many of whom have been shunned by society because of their special needs children.

Enjoy cooking, painting, or gardening in this beautiful limited edition Zazzle HEART plaid apron. The custom gray and white plaid fabric is a unique collaboration between LIFE Line and Zazzle. A Zazzle team traveled to Kenya to meet the Malaika Mums and this custom Maasai pattern, a Zazzle exclusive, is a result of that collaboration. Look good while supporting an even better cause.

Created in collaboration with LIFE Line. Learn more.
Dimension: 24.75″ (width) x 22″ (length).
Made from traditional Kenya Maasai Shuka fabric and East African cotton.
Produced at LIFE Line’s Happy Factory in Maai Mahiu by Malaika Mums.
Quality checked, tagged and packaged in Maai Mahiu, Kenya.
Limited quantities available.
Free shipping.

If you are interested in the HEART Apron with one of Hattingdon’s other designs please email us at hattingdon@gmail.com with the design name (see our A-Z page or visit the shop to find your favorite) and we will reply with a direct shopping link for you.

To contact us directly from the shop scroll to the area below the product description and click on “Ask this Maker”.

Hunter Hattingdon

Your Top Five Favorite Hattingdons for February 2015

Here are your top five favorite Hattingdon designs for February:

Hunter Basic

Hunter Hattingdon


Hunter Original

Hunter Hattingdon



Star Hattingdon



Jada Hattingdon

JADA (3 Colors)


Marcus Hattingdon (Black)

MARCUS (Black)

So there you have it. Not what we would have predicted but that’s what makes it so much fun.

Thank you to each and every one of our great Hattingdon fans.

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