February 2015 Newsletter

News from February

Robin Hattingdon



When February approaches most people think of Valentine’s Day. Well, we do too here at Hattingdon Horses.

Although we got a bit of a late start on a new hat for Hattingdon for this year’s Valentine’s Day, we did come up with a “sweetheart” of a design.  Namely, Robin.

“I feel I look very loveable, but also somewhat queenly, in my new Robin hat”, says Hattingdon. “Love the red but wish I also had it in pink (hint, hint)”.

Vivian did get Robin in the shop in time for last minute shoppers, and appreciate you grabbing her up on cards and mugs.


But it wasn’t Hattingdon herself who dominated the month of February, but her relatives from the West Coast.

Marcus Hattingdon (Black)

MARCUS (Black)

Curtis you know of course — he is the very first Hattingdon Horse created by Vivian (learn more at Hat-story).

In early February, Curtis introduced his cousin Marcus and Marcus was and still is a huge hit. You can see him pictured above left in his black hat.  He also comes in red and purple ballcaps.

But the girls refused to be outdone by the boys.

Jada Hattingdon

JADA (Fuschia)

This month Curtis and Marcus introduced us to Marcus’ little sister Jada.

Isn’t she the sweetest thing? She is so popular, she is outselling the boys 2 to 1.  Here she is in her fuschia hat, but she also comes in purple and black.

February was also the month that Hattingdon showed off her house — well, the entryway anyway — so ICYMI we are signing off with another look at that.

Hattingdon House with Hattingdon wearing her Hunter Hat


Hattingdon as always sends you bushels of love.  See you again soon.

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